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As an efficient civil contracting company, Anewtec Civil has completed these civil contracts - projects in the past few years.


CBD Civil Works Western Sydney

Works included:

  • Removing amphitheatre and structures
  • Removing part of road and converting from one way to two way
  • Electrical trenching, stormwater placement
  • Kerbing, footpaths, service adjustment
  • Gardens and unit pavement
  • Traffic light foundations - smartpole


Bridge Works Local Government Client

Works included:

  • Remove existing footpaths, kerbing, gutters and fencing
  • Construct new kerbing and footpaths
  • Construct roundabout
  • Electrical trenching and cabling
  • New fencing


Civil Rehabilitation

Works included:

  • Remove existing surface
  • Reconstruction of kerb and guttering
  • Replace storm water service and adjust service pits
  • Base preparation, re-asphalting and concrete footpaths




+ many more completed civil projects.